"God is rest, and where He dwells is stillness."
-Freda Hanbury Allen

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Most Excellent Way

"And now I will show you the most excellent way...." I Corinthians 13:1

One of the hardest truths taught by our Lord when he walked this earth was, "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it." It is so counter-intuitive. From the time we are very young we realize we are in a precarious position and we learn fast to protect ourselves at any cost. At the first taste of pain we shrink back, afraid, and look for ways to guard our tender hearts from feeling that ragged tear ever again. Life is relentless though and so is pain, so we decide we have no recourse but to take matters into our own hands and do whatever necessary to save ourselves.

Even after we hear the voice of the Spirit stirring us to new life and take the first few bold steps in a new direction that will lead us Home we realize that our surroundings look awfully similar. There is a new path, new life, new destination, but the longings, losses, disappointments and pain are all too familiar. We get a sinking feeling that we are still on our own and this new path almost seems sinister. So we do what is so reflexive, so natural, so understandable. We get out our bricks and mortar and do what we have always done - continue to build the wall around our hearts. The problem is that while this is understandable and natural, it is not what our Lord is calling us to.

Our Lord calls us away from the natural, and invites us, even challenges and commands us to enter the most dangerous and yet the only safe place that we can possibly be. It is not (yet) a place without hurt.
It is the only real way to save ourselves.
He is calling us to the supernatural.

Living a supernatural life means laying down the brick and mortar and letting our hearts feel - our pain and that of those around us.
It means giving with no expectation of receiving anything in return.
It means offering ourselves with no assurance of a gentle heart to welcome us.
It means laying down our defenses and our need to be right.
It means walking in the presence of our Lord and that being enough...more than enough.
It means embracing all the things we won't ever have and discovering He is all that we need.
It means trusting our Lord to carry the weight of our loneliness.
It means trusting our Lord to mend our brokenness.
It means trusting our Lord to fill our emptiness.
It means trusting that our Lord is life.
Living supernaturally is to love our Lord and our neighbor without restraint.
It is the only way to save ourselves.
It is the most excellent way.